Check this out.  On Monday October 3, at 6pm Eastern time, we will be doing our first live webcast.  Here’s the title and the description of what we hope to be talking about:

What’s Going On In Here, Anyway?  An ‘Open Book’ Discussion of the 1L Classroom Experience and How it Relates to Exams

New 1Ls often find what happens in the classroom perplexing. They arrive expecting to learn the law, and what they get are mostly questions. This is perplexing in its own right, and leaves them wondering how all those questions (and few answers) will play out come exam time.  Not to worry, there is a logic to what is happening in the classroom! And, if you understand the logic, you will see how it is preparing you for exams — where there also will be more questions and fewer answers than you might have expected. Professors Friedman and Goldberg will be discussing the logic of the 1L classroom, offering some pointers about preparation and participation, and — most important — fielding your questions.

We hope to provide useful information, but we are really keen to hear your questions.  It is easy to be a part.  KRM Information Services is hosting us.  The webinar is of course free.  With just a few mouse clicks you can register here.

You can also send questions to us in advance by writing us at

 Tell your friends.  We hope you’ll join us and send in some questions!

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