Law School Exam Preparation Free Live Webcast

Happy Halloween to all the law students out there! We hope everyone took a much-deserved break. Once all of the costumes are put away, law students naturally tend to turn their attention to exam prep. It’s time to start outlining! That’s where Open Book can help. Now’s the time to read Chapters 10 on outlining – and to glance at chapter 12 on practice exams. (You may even want to read the whole book at this point.)

But we have more help! On Tuesday, November 8th, at 7pm Eastern, we’ll be hosting another free webcast. This time around we’ll be focusing on exam prep – especially outlining and using practice exams effectively. We can’t promise there will be candy, but we do hope we can take some of the stress out of preparing for exams – and of course there will be time for plenty of questions! You can sign up by clicking here or following the link on our homepage.

We would love to get questions you have in advance of the webcast, so we can prepare to answer them. You can submit them at

Tell your friends! And we hope you’ll join us on Tuesday!

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One Response to Law School Exam Preparation Free Live Webcast

  1. Worried 1L says:

    Hey there law profs. I recently purchased some of your exams you offer online and I had a question: how should I, as a 1L taking my first exams in December, use exams from profs who are not my own? My current profs only have 1-2 exams available each, and none have model answers attached.

    Thanks so much, your materials are really helpful!

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